Wednesday, 25 April 2012


NEW STYLE MENU FOR SYMBIAN S60V3, FP1,FP2(N86,N96,N81,N82,N95,8GB AND for many more models)

to get a new style menu for your symbian phones first of all the phone should be hacked. have to install rom patcher v2.0 or above.

3.from this site download the grid changer software grid changer (

4.un zip the above file and paste the folders included in the file into c-private>10207254>themes>270486738>270513751 and paste and replace all with these

5.after replacing go to rom patcher apply the extended grid patch.
6.after applying patch go to menu and kill the menu(mens after going to menu go to options and exit the menu 
7.go to menu options chsnge menu view and there u wil find 8 different menus

and after all these steps your phone will get new style menus with different number of grids

if the menu does not open connect your phone to pc  and delete the extended menu.rmp from patches folder and restart the phone.
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*for any software or hardware problem occured i will not be responsible use this on your on risk*