Saturday, 21 April 2012

N-GAGE 2.0

The N-Gage service was Nokia's mobile gaming platform that is available for several Nokia S60 smartphones. It is a follow-up to the N-Gage handheld game console. N-Gage is a part of Nokia's Oviinitiative.

Because N-Gage is a software based solution, the first generation MMC games are not compatible with the new platform,[3] though some games are making a comeback in form of a sequel (e.g. System Rush: Evolution) or a remake/port (e.g. Mile High Pinball). Similarly, games developed for this next-gen N-Gage platform do not work on the original N-Gage nor N-Gage QD, adding to the fact that newer S60 software, including the N-Gage client and games[citation needed], aren't binary-compatible with older S60 devices and vice-versa.


So far, the N-Gage website lists the following devices as compatible with the new N-Gage platform: Nokia N78N79,[4] N81N81 8GBN82-1N85,[4] N86 8MPN95-1N95-2 8GBN96Nokia 6210 Navigator,[5] 6710 Navigator,[6] 6720 ClassicE52,[7] E55E75,[8] N86,[9] N97,[10] Nokia 5320 XpressMusic,[11] Nokia 5630 XpressMusic [12] and Nokia 5730 XpressMusic [13]
Due to memory issues, hinted in an interview in February 2008,[14] support for the Nokia N73N93 and N93i was cancelled.
Closure of N-Gage
On October 30, 2009, Nokia announces that no new N-Gage games will be produced, effectively killing the N-Gage. All N-Gage services, which includes purchasing of games and various online features, had reportedly ceased operation at the end of 2010. AND the n-gage application is not available on the official website.

this is the link to download signed version of n-gage for s60v3 fp1,fp2 phones(n96,n86,n79) n-gage.enjoy but dont forget to hack the phone to enjoy cracked games,,,,,,,,