Friday, 4 May 2012

Change Operator Logo And Fonts in symbian fp1 and fp2

Change Operator Logo (Tested on my N86 8MP)

Do you bored with your operator logo?? Do you want something new??

1.if your phone is not hacked 
      u can use flip font on ovi store or from direct link flipfont_tq7ew5bl.sisx (Download File)
but in flip font u can use only limited fonts ,,,,,,,so first hack your phone to get all the advantage of customisation...

2. font router 
  best app for changing fonts in hacked symbian phones and huge variety of fonts can be used.
u can use the fonts of your choice. It uses .ttf files just paste it in the data folder where earlier fonts of font router has been placed ............  but for this application your phone should be hacked here is the link of font router fontrouter_2eo9b6dw.sis        Download File ..  

3.operator logo changer
   just install the given app and use the operator logo file it uses image files but should be of logo sized which can be downloaded from sites  operatorlo_1883xddy.sis    Download File
or download the this file if above is not working    mobilethem_l699i3x2.sisDownload File